Powerful Sam

Investment Group

Sam Investment Group Limited is a professional second level investment company wholly-funded by China Sam Enterprise Group Limited. Founded in 1989, it headquartered in Xiamen City as the external investment platform of China Sam Enterprise Group Limited.

Currently, the investment mainly covers energy management, ecology environmental protection, new materials, high and new science and technology, investment service and other sectors.

Inheriting the investment concepts of “discovering, improving and realizing values”, the Company always adheres to modes of “group holding, different operation by industries and concentrated supervision” with “pursuing the excellence” as the committed objective to continuously innovate new equity investment and operation mode. The Group has taken into shape the business mode with equity investment as the principal and investment service as the supplementary through making equity investment in potential growth enterprises, leading companies in the industry and outstanding competitive companies to improve their management capability, expand their business and financial service, etc. It is engaged in gradually developing into a trustworthy professional investment company with excellent investment returns, outstanding investment teams, eminent corporate culture, and leading performance.