Philanthropic Sam
During the rapid development of Sam Group, it always persists in the leadership of the Party,follows Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, takes “Scientific Development Concept” as its direction, makes great efforts to fulfill the values of harmonious development through taking into practice of “Party leadership, enterprise development, employee improvement, and social harmony”, participates actively in various forms of public welfare undertakings by caring vulnerable groups to carry forward humanistic care so as to make contribution to building a harmonious society.
  • Sam Group made donation for hundreds of poor students who have excellent academic performance
  • Sam Group funded some Tibet children to visit Beijing
  • Sam Group cared Tibetan orphans and was invited to watch their performance
  • Sam Group supported the cause of environmental protection
  • Sam Group actively supported the anti-drug volunteers training
  • Offering self-picking pears to people in need