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Date Issued

  • Human Resources Manager




    Job responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for staff travel, leave and other formalities and attendance management, regular wage, welfare and salary regulations, etc., at any time to answer employees'questions;

    2. Be responsible for handling the procedures related to the entry, transfer, transfer and departure of the employees of the Group and its affiliated sub-groups (companies);

    3. Be responsible for the management of labor contracts, and handle the relevant formalities for the signing, alteration, termination and termination of labor contracts for employees in a timely manner.

    4. To be responsible for the related work of "five insurance and one fund" of the group and its subsidiaries, and to keep abreast of the relevant policy developments in a timely manner;

    5. Responsible for the basic information management of employees, timely updating of the employee roster, collecting and sorting out the company's employee files;

    6. Responsible for the processing, alteration and transfer of employees'work residence permits.

    7. Assist the head of the Department to manage the employee relationship and communicate with the staff actively to ensure the stability of the staff.

    8. Assist the Department to maintain the daily use of the recruitment website, publish and preliminarily screen resumes, invite interviews;

    9. Participate in and assist other human resources management work of the Department and lead other temporary work assigned by the department.

    Conditions of service:

    1. College degree or above, major related to human resources management, psychology and enterprise management is preferred;

    2. More than ten years'experience in human resources positions;

    3. Happy personality, strong communication and expression ability, good learning ability;

    4. Has good personality, strong sense of responsibility, dare to take on, good health, and a certain ability to resist pressure;

    5. Recognize the corporate culture of the group company and have a strong sense of teamwork.

    If excellent people are interested in the above positions, please send your resume to jtrs@samgroup.cn
  • Group Financial Controller




    Job responsibilities:

    1. To be fully responsible for the financial management of the Group, including capital planning, budget management, accounting, accounting supervision, tax planning, audit supervision, inventory control and other work, strengthen the company's economic management and improve economic efficiency;

    2. Organize and implement the relevant national financial laws, regulations, guidelines, policies and systems, improve the company's financial system, guarantee the company's legitimate operation, master the company's financial situation, fund operation and operating results, report to the board of directors in time, and safeguard the rights and interests of shareholders;

    3. Participate in the decision-making and program-making of investment/financing behavior and important business activities of group companies, monitor the financial work and financial process in various business activities, participate in the research and review of major economic contracts or agreements, and participate in the analysis and decision-making of important economic issues;

    4. According to the group strategy and business decision-making, responsible for the company's financial statements, financial analysis work, to provide accurate and complete financial data and financial analysis recommendations for major decisions of enterprises;

    5. Maintain good cooperative relations with banks, industry and commerce, taxation and other departments, and safeguard the interests of the company;

    6. Participate in the formulation of the annual and quarterly budget adjustments of the group company, summarize and review the monthly budgets reported by various departments and subsidiaries, and convene and preside over the monthly budget analysis and balance meetings of the company;

    7. Supervise and guide the related work of subsidiary companies to ensure the orderly management of work group in the system.

    8. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.


    1. Full-time bachelor degree or above, finance, accounting and other related majors, obtain the title of senior accountant or above;

    More than 2.8 years of financial management experience in large group companies, participating in company management decision-making, risk control, investment and financing activities, with audit experience;

    3. Be proficient in all kinds of financial work, have good control ability in making financial plans and monitoring funds, and excellent financial statement analysis ability.

    4. Honesty and reliability, good professional ethics and confidentiality, strong interpersonal communication skills;

    5. It has good working stability and strong compression resistance.

    If excellent people are interested in the above positions, please send your resume to jtrs@samgroup.cn