Successful Conclusion for the Public Benefit Activity between CSEG and Runzhi Plan to Present Charitable Love


CSEG has initiatively shouldered social responsibility while developing the business from its inception. It spreads and upholds the positive social power by organizing staff to visit children welfare centers, the disabled care center, homeless children drop-in center and other institutions in Beijing for many times and presenting love through material donation, psychological guidance and other forms. On Sep. 3, CSEG Party representatives, with all of staff wishes and instruction of “cultivating person with education” from the president of the Group, boarded the train to Tujia-Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Xiangxi in Hunan Province together with youth volunteers from the Peking University, starting the public benefit activity of CESG & Runzhi Plan in Xiangxi. 

This activity lasts for four days and the destination is Yelangping Village, Jiwei Town, Huayuan County, Tujia-Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Xiangxi, Hunan Province. In June 2013, Runzhi Plan established the first Runzhi Library here. However, this library was very underdeveloped, it was simply built. After five years, there are insufficient and outdated books in this library with incomplete coding work. It was decorated not in the uniform style, in short of supporting facilities and its management requires improvement, etc. Based on the preliminary survey, CSEG decided to invest in the maintenance and improvement of this library, hoping to nurture children in the mountainous region with books.

CSEG Party representative and youth volunteers spent one day in counting new books, coding clarification and assembling reading chairs, desks, and book shelves, etc. Although it is tedious work for coding and labeling and the assembly work is not easy, all members reasonably divided the work and successfully accomplished coding almost a thousand books and assembling dozens of chairs and desks in a stream line operation. They decorated the library using their own creativity, attempting to provide a convenient and beautiful reading place for children.

After decorating the library well as planned, Lin Yuan, Party Branch Secretary of China SAM Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., Yang Huijun, Chairman of Huayuan County Women’s Federation, Liang Chunbo, secretary of the Party Committee of Jiwei Town, Huayuan County, Tian Jinzhen, secretary of Yelangping Village Party Branch and elementary students in Grade I from Layi Village gathered the village for the opening ceremony of Runzhi Library Yelangping Branch. Leaders from Huahuan County and Yelangping Village made respective speeches, showed their care for the growth of children, extended thanks to members of CSEG and Runzhi Plan and made promise to maintain correct management and use of this library. Secretary Lin Yuan spoke out the wishes of CSEG to care for the education of stay-at-home children in poor mountainous region and make our own efforts to provide material assistance to more of these children.

Volunteers visited Layi Elementary School in Jiwei Town, Huayuan County (there are four classes of Grade I, Grade II, Grade III and pre-school class; in total 63 students and 4 teachers). The schoolyard is fully covered by golden rice in early spring and children played happily here, full of hope. University student volunteers taught students to appreciate the aesthetic poet and lyrics in ancient China, explore myths and legends and origin of character in China, and write cuneiform with clay and taught them how to use indexes and register the borrowed books and read books with them the next day. All volunteers deeply felt the significance of this activity from children’s initiative and careful enthusiasm for reading and eyes hungry for knowledge.

In the morning on the 6th, volunteers were reluctant to leave in dense fog, they would hope to bring warmth and care to those children who have experienced a lack of emotional exchanges with their parents for a long time by playing more games and reading more books. Although this activity is finished, the public benefit plan will continue and CSEG will care for them in the future and help more stay-at-home children with love, hoping they can grow toward sunshine like sunflower.