Sam Group & Peking University Runzhi Branch Library at Songzhuang Elementary School has been Officially Opened


On December 7, 2019, the CPC member representatives of Sam Group visited Songzhuang Elementary School in Shangqiu, Henan along with seven youth volunteers from Peking University. They built up a Runzhi Library designed to “nourish the soul with knowledge and dream” for the local children. So far, the seventeenth library of Runzhi Project in nationwide scope has been officially opened.

On December 9, the opening ceremony of “Sam Group & Peking University Runzhi Branch Library at Songzhuang Elementary School” was grandly held on the campus of Songzhuang Elementary School. The attendees are Yuan Lin, the branch secretary of CPC of Sam Group; Ying Yue, the deputy director of Education and Sports Bureau of Minquan County; Hongwei Liu, the secretary of the CPC Committee of Chumiao Township; Shouyu Bai, the head of Chumiao Township; Fugang Li, the principal of Township Center School; Yong Zhang, the principal of Songzhuang Elementary School, and teachers and students of Songzhuang Elementary School.

The Runzhi Project was proposed by the university students in Beijing such as Peking University and Tsinghua University. Sam Group offers financial support for the volunteers and takes part in the project’s planning and implementation to further provide more education resources for left-behind children in rural areas of China through co-organizing public welfare libraries. It helps pushing the balanced development of education in China and allows Sam Group to carry out the social responsibilities.

Sam Group adheres to the principle of “educating people with books” to care and support the growth of children in poor areas. It advocates more and more college students to put philanthropy into practice and gives back to the society. We are always working on being the entitled Philanthropic Sam.

Words in the end: During this event, we discovered that the teaching equipment was obsolete in Songzhuang Elementary School. The paints on the desks and chairs are peeling off and getting rusty, and there is only one multimedia blackboard in the whole school. It is challenged for children to learn about the wonderful world through multimedia. Hereby, Sam Group calls for more enterprises to join us and work together to improve the growing environment for these children.