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[Group]Warmly Congratulates the Opening of the New Chapter in Diplomatic Relations between China and Solomon Islands

News quoted Chinese Foreign Ministry on September 16, foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying  answered questions on the decision made by Solomon Islands government that was to break off the "diplomatic relations" with Taiwan and establish the diplomatic relations with China. She pointed out the Chinese government highly appreciated that Solomon Islands government admitted the One-China principle, breaking off the so-called "diplomatic relations", and establishing diplomatic ties with China. The Solomon Islands government made the decision with 27 votes in favor, none against and 6 abstentions on that day, which fully demonstrated once again that the One-China principle was the will of the people and the trend of the times.

The rapid social development and great opportunities of China have drawn attention from the international community including Solomon Islands, and we look forward to opening a new chapter in terms of equally and mutually beneficial diplomacy. In August 2019, the visiting delegation of Solomon Islands visited the headquarter of China Sam Enterprise Group and hoped to carry out comprehensive cooperation in energy, chemical industry, investment, trade and other fields in addition to existing cooperation.

China Sam Enterprise Group has always responded positively to the strategic development needs of China, seized historical opportunities and made unremitting efforts to contribute to the sound development of the bilateral relations.