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Sinoenergy (stock code: 600856) is an A-share listed company controlled by China Sam Enterprise Group Limited through asset reorganization in 2019. As a company focusing on building the entire natural gas industry chain in the field of clean energy, its business covers the investment and development, production and sales, as well as international trade of oil and natural gas. Sinoenergy owns 34 subsidiaries with total assets of 12.368 billion yuan and a market value of nearly 13 billion yuan, and it is the only non-public enterprise in China that has invested in the construction of two LNG receiving terminals.


Sinoenergy holds oil and gas fields overseas. The total reserves is one billion boe, with maximum daily output about 35 thousands boe. Relying on strong logistics transportation and port handling capabilities, it takes New Star, Long Run and other Canadian local oil and gas resources as the core to realize the development and import of overseas conventional crude oil. Domestically, it owns CNG stations, automobile CNG filling stations, liquefaction plant of LNG, LNG industrial gas supply stations, and other terminal businesses. The company also actively and continuously expands the downstream distribution of natural gas to form a complete closed loop in the construction of the entire industrial chain.


At present, the company has established a CNG production and sales network with Wuhan as the core, and a natural gas and new energy equipment manufacturing industrial base with Qingdao as the core. It also builds a natural gas distribution network based in Zhejiang, Hubei, Jiangsu, Shandong, Anhui and other places. The company extends its business from the utilization of natural gas to the development of upstream resources, the entire natural gas industry chain of Sinoenergy has been formed.


Sinoenergy is committed to becoming a practitioner of clean energy in China based on the spirit of "United, Efficient, and Contributed".