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About Us

Established in 1985 and headquartered in Beijing, China Sam Enterprise Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Sam Group") is a national high-tech enterprise. The scope of business covers energy, military industry, international trade, investment, port affairs, film and other fields. Sam Group is the strategic partner of ChemChina, China Chengtong Holdings Group, China Xinxing Group, China Railway 17th Bureau Group, China Urban-Rural, Macao Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area Petroleum and Natural Gas Trading Center, China Senior Professors Association and other enterprises and institutions. It has actively explored overseas markets to set up a global resource network. Sam Group has established close cooperative relations with relevant enterprises in Brazil, Paraguay, Solomon Islands, and Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore.

Energy and Chemical: In accordance with the national energy development strategy, Sam Group hammers away at the business of investment, development, production and sales of petroleum and natural gas.

Military technology: Sam Group focuses on project investment, operation and management in the field of military-civilian integration and new material technology to promote the development of military technology industry.

The International Trade Group integrates high-quality resources at home and abroad to carry out international trade of bulk commodities such as energy, minerals, agricultural and sideline products, and chemical products.

The Investment Group: Implementing the diversified development strategy and continuously expanding its business areas, the Group achieves profit growth by integrating the development of industry and capital operation. It enhances the core competitiveness of the enterprise through flexible capital operation mechanisms such as equity investment, merge and acquisition. 

Port affairs: Sam Group integrates domestic ports, wharfs, fleets and other shipping resources to promote coupling development. It strives to build a modern port industrial chain, and continuously improves the integrated service capacity to provide customized services. The port affairs refer to the main businesses of the port industrial chain, including the loading, unloading, storage and transportation of containers, groceries and bulk cargoes.

Sam FilmThe business involves film and TV series development, production, investment, and publicity. It also conducts advertising business. Sam Film is devoted to working with elite teams at home and abroad to build a professional film company with international vision, social responsibility and commercial value.


Brand Definition

1、LOGO image: 

2、LOGO definition 

The logo of Sam Group is shaped in triangle, and it highlights the sedate and lofty peronality of the enterprise. The logo is abstracted from the letters S and T, and the triangle top resembles an abstracted dragon raising its head, which symbolizes the determination of Sam Group to be a leader in the industry. It indicates that the Group will continue to innovate, forge ahead and commit to become a more influential enterprise group.

3、Brand name 

China Sam Enterprise Group Limited, abbreviated to CSEG.

4、Brand interpretation 

The Chinese character “Sen” is composed of three characters “Mu”. It symbolizes the unity of Sam People to create a bedrock with an efficient work model and breakthrough vitality of innovation for the sound development of Sam Group.

The Chinese character “Tian” is composed of four checks symbolizing that the platform of Sam Group is solid and broad and it seeks to create great brand value with honest, trustworthy, and down-to-earth attitude.