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Social Responsibility

Resisting Drug Harm, Morita Public Welfare of China actively supports anti-drug volunteer training

2018-06-15 04:38:02
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Drugs are a worldwide public hazard facing all mankind. Drug control is a major work of common concern to the whole society. Drug control education and propaganda is the most important part of all the work. Since the beginning of the company's development, Morita has set up a public welfare fund. Besides actively supporting public welfare projects of great social significance, such as environmental protection, left-behind children and empty nesters, it has also allocated special public welfare funds to support the publicity of drug control education and other related activities for a long time.

After several years of persistence, the anti-drug volunteer team supported by Morita in China has entered many communities, schools and staffs-intensive plazas in Beijing's urban districts. Through the display of real cases and the distribution of relevant publicity materials, the residents, students and the public are deeply aware of the harm of drugs to individuals, families and society, as well as the identification of different types of drugs and those far away from drugs Method.

Morita, China, aims to shoulder the social responsibility of anti-drug work with its actions. Through the support of anti-drug volunteer training projects, Morita strives to extend anti-drug propaganda to every community, school and family, and to contribute its own strength to the development of anti-drug propaganda.