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International Family Day | Nourishing every growth with love

2020-05-18 02:48:30
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Today, May 15th is the 27th International Family Day. Nothing runs through our lives like a family.

Click on the video to learn about the origin of International Family Day in one minute.

The Chinese character for family, "Jia",  is a meaningful one. A roof covers the cold wind and rain outside. One horizontal line and three slashes mean family expectations. Two outward slashes are the gazing afar of the wandering people. Finally, a hook links the whole family together.

In China Sam Group, there are some young people. While they are involved in the large family of the company, they also form their own small family or give birth to new life. They are absorbing nutrients in China Sam Group to shine in the sky. Behind them, there are family members who silently giving support and nourishing them with love. I want to tell you their stories on International Family Day.


On May 18, 2016, the 798th  day after I joined China Sam Group, my boyfriend and I got married. For a long time, he has given me respect, tolerance, solution when I encountering difficult problems at work, as well as teaching me a lot of truth in life, which has made me feel at ease, and I am lucky to meet my beloved. In the staff development project once, I burst into tears for China Sam Group people for overcoming difficulties and felt deeply happy that I was one of them. Now I have no fear of hardships to move on because I know that behind me, there will always be supports.



On April 3, 2020, the 2056th day after I joined China Sam Group, my boyfriend and I received a marriage certificate, I had a sweet little family. Life after marriage is bland but warm. In my daily life, my husband can always touch me. After the epidemic eased, I resumed work, but he had not yet received notice of the company's resumption of work, so he volunteered to cook a meal for me every day. Every day's lunch has become a happy expectation. Working with a team of mutual help and love helped me to improve continuously. Living with a man like him can also touch my heart.



On November 5, 2019, the 2417th day after I joined China Sam Group, my little angel was born. The happiest thing is to hold this baby in my arms and watch him smile sweetly at me. Because of the frequent business trips at work, I can't stay with my children often. My lover is looking after the baby. Let us learn to be grateful, with a grateful heart, to thank the family for everything they paid for us, and hope that each of us cherishes our work and life, maintain our family, and enjoy the warmth of the family.



On February 16, 2016, the 449th day after I joined China Sam Group, I had an important title in my life: Mom. Since then, I have a weakness and a sweet burden. This little life reached the age of school inadvertently. The child needs to be accompanied by parents during the first week of admission, but at this time, the company's public welfare movie "Captain Dad" has been switched on. Looking at the lonely back of my daughter in the photo sent by my husband, I cried and felt sorry for missing an important point in the child's life, but the sensible little guy comforted me in the video chat. When the project finished and I came home, she was dressed up to picked me up at the airport, and I still remember that scene now. This warmth is my motivation to work harder in the future.

——Little Young

Family is the smallest social unit but it contains the greatest happiness and warmth. 
Family is from "every family has a cross to bear" to "a harmonious family cultivates prosperity". 
May everyone in China Sam Group have light in their hearts and sea in their eyes, 
and uses their growth to give positive feedback to this love.