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News Flash | Jiangsu Honghai Energy Co., Ltd. Successfully Completed the Independently Implementing Project of LNG Storage And Distribution Station Storage Tank Drying Replacement

2021-05-17 11:03:44
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On April 25, 2021, the LNG storage and distribution station project of Jiangyin LNG Distribution Center (hereinafter referred to as "Jiangyin LNG project") storage tank drying replacement project was successfully completed. At present, the dew points of the inner tanks of the two LNG storage tanks T1201 and T1202 have been reduced to -22.5and -21.5respectively, and the dew points of the annular space have been reduced to -13and -14respectively. The oxygen content of the inner tank and the annulus space are both reduced to less than 4%, and all control indicators have reached standards.

Jiangyin LNG project is invested and constructed by Jiangsu Honghai Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Honghai Energy"), controlled by Zhongxing Tianheng Energy Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (stock code: 600856). The tank is the first largest LNG storage tank 80,000 cubic meters volume and metallic wall covered both sides in China. The outer diameter of the tank is 60m, the inner one is 58m and the height is 50m. Compared with traditional full-contained concrete storage tank, it has many differences in design and function. Since both the inner and outer tanks are made of domestic low-temperature NI9 steel, the temperature difference between day and night requires higher dry replacement technology.

The drying replacement project was carried out by Honghai Energy Group after multiple rounds of researches and comparisons, and officially launched on March 3. The nitrogen was inputted in the tank on March 6. The replacement phase was started on March 19, and successfully completed on April 25. The whole process lasted for 50 days.

The successful completion of the drying replacement of LNG storage tanks fully demonstrated the responsibility of the Honghai Energy, and the professionalism of all employees. The whole team laid a solid foundation for the smooth commissioning of the Jiangyin LNG project by working hard to promote the construction of the project.

Source: Zhongxing Tianheng Energy Technology